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Tap into the accumulated data modeling knowledge of our entire company and get the answers you need from Sandhill’s erwin® product support specialists. Fast, reliable, and accurate, Sandhill’s first and second-line support for the erwin line of products ensures that you get the help you need, when you need it, backed by our entire company of data modelling experts.

Purchasing new erwin licenses or renewing erwin maintenance through Sandhill entitles you to our unmatched global support, and access to our cadre of experienced erwin-accredited consultants. Enjoy rapid phone and email response, and benefit from our years of hands-on experience with problem troubleshooting, diagnosis and resolution. From simple “how-to” questions to complex data management queries, Sandhill’s erwin support enables you to pursue your data modeling and IT development projects with confidence.

Sandhill support services

Sandhill’s support contract entitles you to receive Sandhill’s erwin support in addition to formal maintenance provided by erwin’s product support services. This means that we can fulfill your first and second -line support needs, and quickly answer any questions by e-mail and telephone. Sandhill’s global support services provide accurate and reliable resolutions to technical issues, along with the indispensable personal assistance our clients need to achieve deep satisfaction with their erwin purchase.

Sandhill’s team of experts located in North America and Europe will help you choose the right product, and help you get it working, too. Sandhill Consultants product support benefits include:

  • Fast and reliable first-line and second-line support for erwin products and usability queries (in addition to the formal maintenance provided by erwin’s product support).
  • Considerable knowledge and experience of both competitive and complementary products in the erwin Modeling Suite application area enables us to help your transition to erwin.
  • Downloading the latest service patch (or prior releases) from Sandhill’s secure website
  • erwin upgrades – the latest version of erwin available to Sandhill clients with active maintenance agreements.
  • License administration – Sandhill can work with clients to address all their erwin license administration needs, from co-terms to trials.
  • “Technical Days” – webcasts featuring demos of the latest versions of the erwin Modeling products and discussing their potential application and integration.
  • Notification of Service Pack releases, upgrades/interim releases and bug fixes, including implementation advice when and where appropriate.
  • Advanced notification of maintenance renewals and support via Sandhill of resolving procurement issues with erwin
  • Management services for your modeling product requirements, and change management for ensuring all records are kept up-to-date.
  • Management of relationship with erwin, and offering lines of reporting not traditionally available to customers that can be used for speedy resolution of both product and administration issues (e.g., authorization codes).
  • Access to Sandhill’s newsletter specifically focused on erwin.
  • Access to Sandhill’s erwin guides, and best practices.

Temporary support services

Do you use a erwin product-but are unhappy with the support you receive? Contact Sandhill to discuss temporary support until your next product renewal. Renewing through Sandhill entitles you to receive full Sandhill support along with erwin product support, but temporary support can help you bridge the gap until then. We make our best effort to serve temporary-support clients, but a support contract with Sandhill is the best way to ensure prompt response, timely issue resolution, and priority service.