Using erwin Data Modeler Workgroup Edition

This course is designed to give users the skills required to utilise the new functionality in erwin Data Modeler Workgroup Edition r9.x software.

The erwin Workgroup Edition r9.x course is delivered in four main sections, designed to give erwin users a sound knowledge of the added features that the Workgroup Edition r9.x software provides.

The course is aimed at all users of the Workgroup Edition software, covering:

    • An overview of the Workgroup Repository
    • An overview of the Repository Administration
    • Working with models in the repository
      • Mart working basics
      • Beyond basics
      • Locking and user configuration
      • Mart versions and sessions
      • Working with models outside the mart
    • Repository Reporting

Section two of the Course is designed to provide erwin users with an overview of the administrative features, but is not sufficient to bring a mart administrator up to speed.

Mart installation, setup and detailed administration are not covered in this course as these skills are not required by the majority of erwin users. These subjects can be covered separately through consultancy and /or mentoring.