r9 Conversion Course

To accompany the new release of erwin Data Modeler r9.5, Sandhill has developed a one day course to give experienced erwin 7.x users hands-on experience of the new release.

erwin Data Modeler Release 8 was a major upgrade with significant changes in functionality. Some of those changes affect fundamental aspects of the tool, including diagram management and reporting. In view of these significant changes in R8, users need to understand the new version before making the decision to upgrade.

erwin Data Modeler R8 and R9 can co-exist on the desktop with each other and erwin R7.x. Users will be able to use the knowledge gained in this course to plan and test the upgrade path ensuring upgrade issues are minimised.

The course introduction will highlight the changes introduced since Release 8:

  • What functionality has been removed.
  • What functionality had been added.
  • What functionality has been changed and how.

Subsequent modules will focus on individual aspects of those changes including:

  • Managing the new interface
  • Diagram management post R8
  • Reporting options
  • Using the New Editors
  • Converting models from R7.x

As neither the legacy Data Browser nor the Report Template Builder are included in R8 an important upgrade task is to determine how reporting requirements will be met in this release.

NEW to R9.5 is the Report Designer, which includes many features similar to those in Report Template Builder and Data Browser. This course gives an overview of this important new feature.

This one day class is packed with live demos, hands on exercise and discussions with Sandhill Consultants. All Sandhill Consultants’ training material includes detailed step by step instructions and screen shots of the product to assist in the understanding of the topic.