Complete Compare Master Class

erwin’s Complete Compare function is an advanced function supporting synchronisation between two erwin models, an erwin model and a database, or, indeed, between two databases.

The course is based on a MS SQL Server database, but highlights features and issues common to any DBMS. The course consists of the following Modules:

  • Course Introduction
  • Complete Compare Overview
  • Complete Compare Walkthrough
  • Forward Engineering
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Complete Compare Scenarios
  • Complete Compare Exercise

The Forward and Reverse Engineering functions are covered in some detail for DBMS specific courses, as Reverse Engineering is used to bring the database into memory for comparison, and Forward Engineering is used to generate SQL ALTER scripts to implement updates made to the database during the comparison.

The focus of the Reverse Engineering module is on how erwin turns the database meta data into a model for comparison. Appreciating this makes it considerably easier to compare a model with a database.

The course will give students a detailed understanding on every aspect of the function – the scenarios will build in scope to cover all aspects of comparing tables, columns, indexes and all types of constraints.

Students should have some experience of using erwin and a good understanding of the tool, up to the level of Sandhill’s erwin Data Modeler course for Intermediate Users.