Discover how to get the most value from your erwin investment, and master your next data modeling project with acclaimed erwin training and education from Sandhill Consultants.

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Purchasing a modeling tool is a significant investment, and Sandhill training is the cost-effective way to maximize your return. Become proficient and productive in the shortest possible time. Grow your professional skills, and expand your expertise. Get the right training at the right time, packaged to fit your business needs. Offering hands-on training classes, the Sandhill curriculum was developed by the people who know the erwin products best: Sandhill Consultants.

Sandhill offers on-site instruction with flexibly scheduled one-day classes that can be mixed, matched, and customized to fit your specific requirements. All Sandhill training material includes detailed step by step instructions and screen shots where possible.

Introduction to erwin Data Modeler

This course provides erwin users with the ability to create and define the fundamental elements of a data model, in a manner which helps deliver consistent models in accord with corporate modelling standards and recommended erwin practices. While the course … Read more

Intermediate erwin Data Modeler

This course builds on the entry level course ‘Introduction to erwin Data Modeler’ and provides erwin users with a deeper understanding of the tool. It focuses on how naming and datatype standards are an integral element of the tool and … Read more

Complete Compare Master Class

erwin’s Complete Compare function is an advanced function supporting synchronisation between two erwin models, an erwin model and a database, or, indeed, between two databases. The course is based on a MS SQL Server database, but highlights features and issues … Read more

r9 Conversion Course

To accompany the new release of erwin Data Modeler r9.5, Sandhill has developed a one day course to give experienced erwin 7.x users hands-on experience of the new release. erwin Data Modeler Release 8 was a major upgrade with significant … Read more

erwin Mentoring

Available at your desk, either in person or remotely using virtual desktop technology, our one-to-one mentoring service is a popular alternative to formal erwin training courses. Just tell us what you want to achieve, when and where, and our experts … Read more

Using erwin Data Modeler Workgroup Edition

This course is designed to give users the skills required to utilise the new functionality in erwin Data Modeler Workgroup Edition r9.x software. The erwin Workgroup Edition r9.x course is delivered in four main sections, designed to give erwin users … Read more

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