Sandhill announces BIReady partnership

Sandhill is pleased to announce a new partnership with data warehouse automation vendor BIReady.

BIReady is a vendor of a unique software product that automatically designs, generates and populates Enterprise Data Warehouses and Data Marts, based on the organization’s Business (and here is the great part, via an ERwin) Model.

This unique product, named after the company, replaces intensive manual labour. BIReady even generates and executes the ETL code! We see BIReady as the first model driven product to reshape the data warehouse market, due to its speed of development and its hybrid approach to automatically generate all the data warehouse, data mart and ETL code.

BI Ready is used by data warehouse professionals, data architects, data modellers and developers for business users

BIReady Overview

Organizations of all sizes can use BIReady to quickly and easily design the data warehouse from a CA ERwin data model and them generate robust code to populate it.

Traditional data warehouse projects spend 80% of the project getting the data into a workable format for reporting. By contrast BIReady solves this problem by generating a targeted data warehouse
design and code to populate it in just minutes!


BIReady is the only product that offers a complete Model Driven Approach to Data Warehousing and at the same time adheres to best established standard architectures like Common Information Factory (CIF) and Star Join Schema design.

All code is generated in your preferred SQL (Microsoft, Oracle, DB/2, MYSQL, Teradata, Netezza, to mention a few), and can be ready to run in minutes. The unprecedented speed at which BIReady can deliver your data warehouse means your business can make significant savings in time and money today, and in the future.

Benefits include dramatically improved productivity, time to market and total cost of ownership.

Please contact us for more information.

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