Safyr (formerly Saphir) V6 launched

ASCOT, Berkshire U.K., March 12th 2013

SAFYR v6 Launched

Silwood Technology Ltd today announces the latest release of their world leading metadata discovery tool for enterprise application packages. This major release coincides with the completion of its rebranding program of Saphir to Safyr.

Graham Simpson Managing Director of Silwood Technology commented:

“This latest release and rebranding of Saphir to Safyr v6 are important stages on our development path, both as a company and our technology. As a company we are moving forward on a number of strategic relationships that required us to work with Industry Analysts to rethink our Branding and Trademark positions. As a product we are now mainstream in many enterprise data centric solution areas, with Safyr v6 continuing to uniquely deliver critical metadata discovery capability on the leading application packages from SAP and Oracle as implemented.

Such a position makes increasing demands on us to continually improve the effectiveness of SAFYR discovery capabilities and this release delivers on 2 critical areas.

Firstly we have provided the ability to work with ERP source table row count information, enabling analysts to more rapidly and efficiently determine the key subject areas for their projects.

Secondly we have engineered Safyr to handle Unicode allowing us to extract metadata from the supported ERPs in non-western character sets such as Cyrillic and Kanji.

We will continue to develop our ability to help organisations gain more from their investment in Enterprise software packages through successful Data Warehouse, Business Intelligence, Data Integration and Migration, Master Data Management and Application rationalisation projects.”


Silwood Technology announce the immediate availability of SAFYR v6 with the following major enhancements.

Unicode support

Safyr can now work with systems implemented in a Multibyte environment. This encompasses both the Safyr repository and the source ERP systems, where those systems support Multibyte databases. The major benefit of this feature is in being able to extract metadata from the supported ERPs in non-western character sets (e.g. Cyrillic and Kanji).

New Row Count feature

Safyr can now extract row count information for the tables in an ERP. This is achieved by looking at the database system tables for those systems implemented in Oracle Microsoft SQL Server and IBM DB2.

The Row Count information is presented as a new column in the Safyr Model Overview. This makes it very easy to filter out tables that have zero rows, or to look for tables with, for example, at least 10,000 rows. The Row Count feature can also be used when looking at related tables, allowing only those Parent and/or Child tables with data to be viewed for a given table.

A major benefit of the Row Count capability is in rapidly scoping the tables in an ERP to only those containing data.

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