ERwin Times October 2011

Welcome and thank you for your continued support.

This edition brings news of yet another release of ERwin Data Modeler, release 8.2.

As winter approaches, so does the Sandhill ERwin UK User Conference. Speakers are now booked for the event to be held on Thursday, December 8th, but we rely on you to bring your own views to the event, so book your place while there are still some left.

For the technically minded, we have the usual Tips & Tricks and Data Warehouse Corner. Don’t forget that you can benefit from direct input from our experts using our Training and Mentoring Services.

The latest releases of ERwin are r7.3.11 and r8.2.0 (from November 1st).  Active maintenance entitles users to a free upgrade to either version.  Contact us for more information.

If you haven’t yet made the move from r7 to r8, why not take a look at our r8 Conversion Course.


    Forthcoming Events

      Tips & Tricks

      • Implementing an Enterprise Data Dictionary Standard – Part I What is an Enterprise Data Dictionary A data dictionary is a collection of descriptions of the data objects or items in an enterprise for the benefit of the consumers of the data models.  This collection of descriptions of the data can be organised into a book for reference purposes, this book is more commonly known as ...

      Data Warehouse Corner

      • ERwin r8 – Data Movement Sources In this article we’ll discuss the updated Data Movement features in Erwin R8 that identify data sources, data targets, and transformation logic. You might be wondering why you’d use a data modeling tool to map data movement and refresh rules, to be used for an ETL application, especially when the ETL tools do such a good ...

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