ERwin Times November 2011

Let me begin this newsletter with an apology. Last month we said that r8.2 of ERwin would be released November 1st. A late change meant that we were as surprised as you were when CA announced that the release was being postponed until February 2012.

There is now just one week left until the Sandhill ERwin UK User Conference. If you haven’t already booked your place, I would urge you to do so now!

No Data Warehouse Corner this month, but we have an extra T&T to compensate.

The latest releases of ERwin are r7.3.11 and r8.1.  Active maintenance entitles users to a free upgrade to either version.  Contact us for more information.

If you haven’t yet made the move from r7 to r8, why not take a look at our r8 Conversion Course.

Forthcoming Events

    Tips & Tricks

    • Implementing an Enterprise Data Dictionary Standard – Part II How to Maximise ERwin Data Modeler R8.0 to Establish an Enterprise Data Dictionary You firstly need to create a new ERwin model (Logical / Physical), the chosen database platform is irrelevant at this stage, to keep ease of use, I normally use “ODBC/ generic”. Should you have a standard platform in your organisation you can make ...
    • Hotkeys for erwin Data Modeler Listed below are the standard hot-key assignments for erwin Data Modeler features/functions. These are standard shortcuts key strokes used in the erwin application which can be modified to suit the users preference. CTRL + A – Select All CRTL + B – Invoke Bulk Editor CRTL + C- Copy CRTL + D – Invoke Advisory CRTL + E – Invoke ...

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