ERwin Times March 2015

I know it must seem like a long time since you heard from us, but I would like to confirm that we are still very much alive and well.

Last year we were unable to comment on or announce plans regarding the future of the ERwin product line, with its proposed sale being held up at the US Dept. of Justice.  Now that has been resolved we are happy to say that ERwin is firmly in the CA stable and we are gearing up for some key events, including new version releases.

The first event I would like to draw your attention to is ERworld 2015.  This will be the 5th running of this online conference dedicated to ERwin and all things data.  While there is sure to be something of interest to everyone (check out the agenda), I particularly recommend the following sessions:

ERworld 2015



NewSandworld2015Logo386And of course, the event you will not want to miss is the Sandhill UK ERwin User Conference 2015.

While the agenda is not yet finalised, the date and venue are, so everyone who already knows what to expect can register now.


I look forward to seeing you there



CEO  Sandhill Consultants Ltd

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