ERwin Times January 2012

We start 2012 with news of exciting new offers from CA.

1st February 2012 sees the official release of the ERwin Web Portal, a metadata publishing solution for your ERwin models, together with ERwin Data Modeler for SQL Server Azure and the latest increment of ERwin Data Modeler, r8.2, which offers the possibility of concurrent licensing for the first time. See our news article below for more details.

This month’s Tips and Tricks section features the new Videos category, which we plan to expand in the coming months.

Don’t forget that you can benefit from direct input from our experts using our Training and Mentoring Services.

The latest releases of ERwin are r7.3.11 and r8.2.0.  Active maintenance entitles users to a free upgrade to either version.  Contact us for more information.

If you haven’t yet made the move from r7 to r8, why not take a look at our r8 Conversion Course.


  • What’s New in ERwin 8.2? The CA ERwin family of products now includes two new product offerings, as well as an updated version of the core CA ERwin Data Modeler product: 1. CA ERwin® Web Portal: Visualize Information from the Web – for All Audiences With the new CA ERwin Web Portal, all user types can easily search for critical definitions with ...

Tips & Tricks

  • Convert CamelCaseNames to Mixed Case Names This video demonstrates how to create a logical data model with all object names in mixed case (This Is Mixed Or Initial Case) from a reverse-engineered physical model where all names are in “camel case” (ThisIsCamelCase) using erwin Data Modeler. In doing this, it highlights a number of features of erwin Data Modeler, including the Bulk ...
  • Developing ETL specifications in ERwin Data Modeler This video demonstrates how to document ETL steps in CA ERwin Data Modeler 7.3 Note that this video does not have a soundtrack. After watching this video, you will be able to: Enable the Data Movement option Create a data source Map a target column to one or more source columns Define a Data Browser report with source to target mapping ...

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