ERwin Times February 2012

This month we welcome a new member to our team and republish some early Data Warehouse Corner articles from our old website.

Don’t forget that you can benefit from direct input from our experts using our Training and Mentoring Services.

The latest releases of ERwin are r7.3.11 and r8.2.0.  Active maintenance entitles users to a free upgrade to either version.  Contact us for more information.

If you haven’t yet made the move from r7 to r8, why not take a look at our r8 Conversion Course.


  • New Sandhill Website for CA PPM For those of you who don’t already know, Sandhill is the leading UK partner for CA Project and Portfolio Management (PPM) solution. To coincide with the latest release (v13) we now have a website dedicated to CA PPM, so if you are looking to better manage your project portfolios, please check it out.
  • Sandhill Welcomes new Team Member We are pleased to welcome a new member to our admin team. Jaimie Lord will be assisting Andrew Carter, so you will no doubt see his name on emails and hear a new voice when calling the office. We all wish Jaimie a long and successful career at Sandhill.
  • ERwin 8.2, Concurrent Licensing and Web Portal are Available Now If you would like to see or hear more about the ERwin Web Portal, ERwin for SQL Azure, concurrent licensing or upgrading to r8.2, please contact us. You can also take a look at the CA ERwin Web Portal FAQ. We will be happy to offer demonstrations and quotes.

Data Warehouse Corner

  • ERwin Support for Master Data Management In this article we’ll discuss how certain ERwin functions, typically seen in Data Warehouse implementations, can play a pivotal role in providing a base for data evolution within the MDM space, as well as the capability for extending model meta data for MDM implementations, at both the logical and physical level. This author has been working ...
  • Slowly Changing Dimensions…who said they were slow? In this article we’ll discuss Slowly Changing Dimensions and their impact on BI applications. This author first saw the impact of slowly changing dimensions when the team was building data marts to track insurance sales for each month. The sales organization structure would be re-built from the source system (we had a single tier DW system ...
  • Normalization – Myths and Facts In this article we’ll identify how normalization and denormalization differ between OLTP and Data Warehouse models. We’ve all heard about normalization, based on CODDS theory and how it’s supposed to be applied in the design phases of application development. First let’s describe the requirements that get us to the level of intuitive (3NF) normal form: 1NF – ...
  • Modelling the Data Warehouse This issue – we discuss types of models, their characteristics, nature, and application. Welcome to Data Warehouse Corner. Each issue we’ll identify a business problem facing the Data Warehouse / BI data modeller and discuss solutions and implications for the ERwin modeller. Let’s start by discussing the differences between traditional data models and those developed for ...

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