erwin Safyr Option

erwin Safyr Option for ERP transforms package specific meta data into erwin Data Modeler data models to assist with Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) package integration.

erwin Safyr Option enables you to quickly locate the set of tables required for your project, reduce your dependency on application specialists, communicate data structures to other team members using entity relationship diagrams, assess the impact of changes from one implementation to another, and document and control user customization. Supporting the MS Windows platform, erwin Safyr Option for ERP also delivers out-of-the-box support for SAP, SAP BW, Oracle PeopleSoft Enterprise, Oracle J.D. Edwards EnterpriseOne, Oracle e-Business suite and Oracle Siebel on both standard and customized systems.

Easily extract, analyze and publish meta data from packaged enterprise applications without the need for specialized application knowledge. With its interface to erwin Data Modeler, erwin Safyr Option can produce detailed data models. Take control of your data management projects as you strive to understand exactly where vital business information is stored. With erwin Safyr Option, users are better equipped to understand and communicate the business requirements for enterprise applications.

Key Features include, Metadata Management, Reverse Engineering, Relationship Mapping and Navigation, Search and Browsing, Model Comparison, Enterprise Information Management, Separate Storage and Browsing Environment, Multiple ERP Support.

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