erwin EA Agile (SaaS – formerly Corso)

Drive Business and IT Agility with the Right Data at the Right Time

An agile approach to enterprise architecture is about building ‘just enough’ enterprise architecture quickly and efficiently and delivering it to stakeholders ‘just in time’ so they can make better decisions. With erwin EA, you can focus on giving your stakeholders the right data in the right format at the right time for better business and IT decisions.

Key Benefits

  • Align business and IT with consistent design.
  • documentation and communication Of architecture assets
  • understand the full impact of changing business and IT capabilities in support of strategic decision making
  • Model and integrate complex goals, Strategy, process, application. business and technology architectures
  • Collaborate around innovation and transformation initiatives engaging all stakeholders


  • Agile. standards based enterprise architecture modeling
  • Easy-to-use interfaces for technical and business users
  • Collaborative approach to modeling
  • Visualization of complex enterprise architecture assets
  • Reporting and publishing to share information easily with all stakeholders
  • A cloud-based solution delivered on a Software-as-a-Service basis
  • Integration with Other tools


Solution Overview

erwin EA Agile helps companies align business strategy and IT capabilities so they can plan and react to change initiatives with agility. We offer the only integrated enterprise architecture and innovation management platform that gives you the ability to manage change and business transformation activities at any scale.

erwin EA Agile is a full-featured Enterprise Architecture SaaS tool for all maturity levels. There’s no software to implement – you just login and it works! You get a complete EA toolset with an easy to use interface that works across all devices.  Use ArchiMate 3.0, TOGAF or your own approach to enterprise architecture modeling so you can plan and react to change with greater business and IT agility.