erwin Data Modeler

erwin DM is an industry-leading data modelling solution that provides a simple, visual interface to manage your complex data environment.

It is available in a number of distinct editions that are designed to meet the needs of a variety of audiences across the organization. Choose the Edition that’s right for you.

Standard Edition

erwin Data Modeler Standard Edition (SE) is an industry-leading data modeling solution that provides a powerful way to visualize data from multiple sources across the organization, increasing efficiency through reuse and standards, while at the same time increasing data quality … Read more

Workgroup Edition

erwin Data Modeler Workgroup Edition (WE) provides conflict resolution, versioning, security and standardization for multi-user modeling. Through a central model repository, model assets can be inventoried and re-used across the organization. Key Features erwin Data Modeler WE includes all features … Read more

Navigator Edition

Data models are relevant to many different audiences across the organization. The ability to permit others to visualize and analyze the details of model metadata provided by Navigator Edition is critical to successful collaboration of diverse project teams. Key Features … Read more

erwin DM Hosting (Bring Your Own License)

If the biggest problem in your organisation is provisioning hardware and getting software installed, why not use ours? Our hardware, with all necessary software components installed (erwin DM client, erwin Mart Server, erwin License Server, SQL Server Standard database instance), … Read more

32- and 64-bit variants and concurrent licensing available on all editions. Please contact us for details.