Key Steps and Processes in Upgrading erwin from R7/R8 to R9.5

EDIT: Unfortunately the webcast is no longer available. If you wish to discuss upgrading erwin from r7/8 to r9.5 (or above) then please feel free to contact us and we will be more than happy to help.


If you missed it, Sandhill Consultants (Jeff Harris) presented and demonstrated the new features of r9.5, such as Report Designer and CA’s new 3-tier architecture for r9.5 Model Manager (or Mart, as it is now called).

Sandhill presented the architecture behind the upgrade process and what we recommend as the best way to upgrade to r9.5.

Jeff also provided an update on our ERwin Model Audit Program, a key tool that Sandhill uses in auditing the upgrades of ERwin Models to r9.5.

In this webcast Jeff also reviews key features of r8 and r9 that may be of interest to users. This special webcast had lots of interactive demos and answered Questions such as:

How do you approach upgrading to r9.5?

Why should you audit your Models during the upgrade?

What should the Mart Architecture look like?

Which approach to upgrading should be chosen: Manual or Automatic?
What does Report Designer look like?

How would one get up to speed with the new version?

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