Data Modelling Webinar October 19th 2017

What data do you have? Where is it? Who is responsible for it? With the data world changing so quickly, these questions are more relevant than ever. Sandhill is offering a free one-off webinar to help you understand how to answer these questions for your own organisation. Register Now!

Today’s world is increasingly complicated.

There’s a huge amount of data, interactions and communications taking place. Communications consist of many signals and messages from a multitude of information systems vying for your attention. Without a way to classify and evaluate these inputs, organisations succumb to sensory overload – It can get very messy very quickly!

If you do not confidently understand your data, can you honestly say what data you have, where it is and who’s responsible for it?

At stake is the potential of ignoring important issues or acting on irrelevant distractions that come from misinformation or faulty data.

This webcast will show how leveraging Sandhill’s offerings and expertise, companies will be able to identify, prioritise and understand information from the ever-increasing noise. We will be exploring the Knowledge Pyramid and information flows to convert data in wisdom, via information and knowledge.  To achieve good decision making based on solid information you need a strong foundation of trusted, reliable data; let us help you.

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