ERwin 9 Beta Program

CA is pleased to invite all active ERwin clients to participate in the public CA ERwin® Modeling r9 Customer Validation Program.

This program offers participants an opportunity to validate CA ERwin Modeling r9 and to provide feedback on product enhancements and quality. Participant contribution to this product test cycle is directly related to the success of the generally available (GA) release of CA ERwin Modeling products and helps ensure that our solutions are ready to meet real-world requirements.

In addition to early access to our new r9 software, participants will gain unrestricted access to the CA ERwin Modeling r9 Customer Validation Forum where they can communicate directly with the CA ERwin Modeling team as well as other program participants.

While there are new and updated features for the Data Modeller (See list below)  it has been well known for some time that the main thrust of R9 will be a major upgrade of what was called Model Manager (or Model Mart before that) but is now the repository for the Workgroup Edition. This should be very welcomed as the volume of data involved in today’s models has  challenged the old design too often.

CA ERwin Modeling r9 – Key Features:

  • Automated Mart and Model Upgrade (r8 to r9)
  • Web-based Mart Administration Dashboard
  • Authentication via Active Directory (LDAP)
  • Enhanced Session, Security and Permission Management
  • Upgraded Model Locking Paradigm
  • Mart-based “Active” Model Templates
  • Product Integrated NSM/DSM Functionality
  • WAN/LAN Mart Performance Improvements via three-tier architecture
  • Concurrent Licensing “Borrow”

The CA ERwin R9 Beta is still open and you are welcome to register for the CA ERwin Modeling r9 Customer Validation Program at:

System requirements for CA ERwin Modeling r9 can be found at:

For information on other CA Beta Programs and Participation Requirements please visit

We look forward to seeing you on the calls and provide feedback to CA.


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