Convert CamelCaseNames to Mixed Case Names

This video demonstrates how to create a logical data model with all object names in mixed case (This Is Mixed Or Initial Case) from a reverse-engineered physical model where all names are in “camel case” (ThisIsCamelCase) using erwin Data Modeler.

In doing this, it highlights a number of features of erwin Data Modeler, including the Bulk Editor, Naming Standards Model and Design Layers.

Steps involved

  • Open your physical model
  • Export a list of table and column names to a .csv file
  • Open the csv file in Excel, add a column of names with spaces added in the appropriate places and save
  • Back in erwin, open the Naming Standards Editor, import the .csv file into the glossary and save the .nsm file
  • Use the new .nsm file when deriving a new logical model from the physical

What I did

We used the following features of erwin Data Modeler

  • The Bulk Editor to export a list of table and column names to a .csv file
  • A Naming Standards Model to define the translation of physical to logical names
  • Design Layers to derive a logical model from a physical model

I also used

  • A user-defined function in Microsoft Excel to generate the mixed case versions of the camel case names

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