CA ERwin 9.6 (and 9.6.1) Now Available

CA Technologies – March 27 2015

CA Technologies is pleased to announce the general availability of CA ERwin® r9.6 Modeling, which includes the following products and editions:

CA ERwin® Data Modeler

  • Standard Edition
  • Workgroup Edition
  • Navigator Edition
  • Community Edition

CA ERwin® Web Portal

  • Standard Edition
  • Enterprise Edition
  • Data Governance Edition

This release of our flagship product, CA ERwin Data Modeler, includes new functionality and major improvements to our Report Designer, PDF report export, updates to database support, updated metadata import/export bridges, UI (User Interface) enhancements, an online Help and Documentation Center as well as general product fixes and other maintenance published prior to this update. This release of the CA ERwin Web Portal boasts a re-architected user experience (from a new “flat-look design” interface to enhanced support for all media including tablets, touch screens and small screens), an improved tabular presentation of information, simplified navigation controls as well as a new Data Governance Edition that contains many new features and capabilities including: a Business Glossary based on the ISO-11179 standard, semantic and data mapping capabilities, automatically generated Architecture diagrams, universal data modeling and “live” real-time harvesting of relational and big data sources.

By installing this product release, you will ensure that your systems are current on maintenance for r9.x. You can review the available product information related to our new r9.6 product release on

We’ve designed our ongoing product development, customer support and maintenance programs to help you succeed, and believe that our new CA ERwin Modeling r9.6 product release is a good example of those efforts. Please visit our CA Support Online website at, or from within CA ERwin Data Modeler r8.x / r9.x (by going to the HELP menu and choosing Technical Support), for detailed information concerning this product service release, up-to-date support information, the latest technical bulletins, or to download a copy of the software.

ADDENDUM May 15 2015 – ERwin 9.6.1 Now available

This maintenance release includes some bug fixes in all products and some additional functionality in the CA ERwin Web Portal Data Governance Edition.

Please contact us if you wish to upgrade.

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